Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorority Row

A group of sorority sisters decide to get back on a cheating boyfriend, even though the girl he cheated on previously cheated on him. Got that? The slutty sister Megan cheated on her boyfriend Garrett, but then he cheated on her and all hell breaks loose. They give him fake drugs, he drugs Megan and she “dies”.

They sneak her out to an abandoned mine and make him think they need to dismember her body and leave no trace of her behind. While the other girls wander off, Garrett goes batshit crazy and actually hacks her to death with a sharp rock. The gang decides to hide her body and go on with their lives.

Sadly only one girl, Cassidy, actually feels any remorse for what happened. She moves out, stops going to sorority functions and basically just wants her life back. At graduation, Cassidy tries ignoring the girls, but they push her into attending one last party at the house.

Naturally a random killer turns up and starts offing the girls. Lots of suspects abound, including the guy that killed Megan and her little sister.

Best Death:

It’s a tie between the first two deaths. One involves an annoying reality star cut apart by a sharp rock. The other death involves a slutty chick getting a wine bottle shoved down her throat.

Sorority Row gets a lot of flack for shitty acting, a bad premise and a lot of other complaints. Personally though, I actually like it. You do get stuck with a lot of boring characters and stereotypes, but they eventually die…or at least most of them.

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