Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eerie, Indiana Season 1, Episode 3 "The ATM With the Heart of Gold"

Marshall's dad just created a brand new ATM that will leave others in the dust. Instead of an ordinary screen, this one shows the smiling face of a man named Mr. Wilson. The ATM is such a hit that people in town start flocking to it. Before long, Mr. Wilson is the most popular man in town.

While all of this is going on, Marshall notices that his best friend Simon seems flush with cash. He starts buying a lot of snacks, has brand new running shoes, and he event treats Marshall to ice cream. When Marshall asks him about the cash, he starts changing the subject. It comes out that people in town suddenly have problems with their bank accounts, i.e. they have unexpected and unauthorized transactions.

Marshall eventually discovers that Simon formed a close personal relationship with Mr. Wilson. Every time he went to the ATM, Wilson gave him money, which he took from other people's accounts. Simon decides that he doesn't care if people lose money because having cash made him one of the most popular people in town. It all comes to a head when Marshall sees him with some of his new friends. When pressed, the other boys admit that they don't have any clue what his name actually is, and Simon decides that he needs to make things right.

They head back to Mr. Wilson and put all of the remaining cash in deposit envelopes, which they push back into the machine. With every bit of cash that comes through, Mr. Wilson loses some of his original humanity. He goes back to looking like a computerized ATM and everyone in town gets their money back again. At the end of the episode, Marshall and his dad watch as the city removes Mr. Wilson, and his dad wonders if the world just isn't ready for something like that.

Eerie, Indiana Rating: Eh, more interesting than "The Retainer," but not as interesting as "Foreverware."

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