Friday, January 23, 2015

See No Evil – Kane Be Scary

Runtime: 85 minutes
Release Date: May 19, 2006
Rating: R
Director: Gregory Dark

In preparation for See No Evil 2, the friends and I decided to sit down and watch the first film.

See No Evil opens with Frank Williams, a police officer, and his partner investigating a home. They find a woman with her eyes missing in the home, and a giant of a man suddenly appears from nowhere. After killing the partner, he rips off Williams arm before Williams manages to kill him.

A few years later, Williams is a man living in a tiny apartment by himself and struggling to move past what happened that day. He now has a fake hand and works with juvenile delinquents. He and his female counterpart work out an agreement with a local historical society. They'll bring in four guys and four girls to do some work around an old abandoned hotel, and each of the delinquents will receive one month off their sentences.

The kids are less than thrilled with the arrangement but agree in the hopes of getting lucky and maybe even escaping. One of those girls, Kira, instantly freaks out when she sees her former boyfriend Michael, who is the one who got her locked up. Williams agrees to take care of things and ensure that the two are never alone together. Things don't work out as planned, especially after Jacob Goodnight, the killer from the beginning, kills Williams and beings tracking the teens throughout the hotel.

First of all, why did no one think to put Kane aka Glen Jacobs, in a horror film before? He is easily one of the creepiest and scariest mo fos in the world, which didn't stop me from developing a small (not so small) crush on him during his wrestling days. When they put the fake nails and teeth on him, I want to run screaming for the hills. Then, when he uses those nails to literally poke out a person's eyeballs, I find myself squirming in my seat.

This blog is called The Best Deaths, but I haven't mentioned a best death in awhile, so I'll do it with this one. The best death is clearly when the snobby, bitchy, rich girl who steals a cell phone tries to hide in a closet from Jacob. He finds her hiding spot after hearing her phone ring. Without thinking twice, he shoves the cell phone in her mouth and right down her throat. Whenever I think about this movie, this is the scene I always remember. If you watched 666 Park Avenue or Transformers, you might just recognize the chick in this scene too.

I like to call See No Evil one of my guilty pleasure horror movies. While it might not be the best movie out there, it keeps me entertained and I like to go back and watch it every now and then. It's one of the few films that I don't regret buying without watching first.

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