Monday, September 7, 2015

The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death aka Ouija Resurrection

Runtime: 86 minutes
Release Date: August 15, 2015
Rating: NR
Director: Israel Luna

For the last six months or so, I had The Ouija Experiment in my Netflix queue and never got around to watching it. On my last fateful trip to Redbox, I grabbed a movie called Ouija Resurrection because I liked the box. Little did I know that it was actually a sequel to a movie I never watched before. Redbox made no mention of the fact that it was a sequel, and I honestly think they deliberately changed the name so people like me wouldn't rent it without seeing the first. I'll try not to taint my review with my extreme displeasure.

Ouija Resurrection doesn't pick up where the first movie left off, which is probably a good thing. Instead, it makes it out like the original movie was just a movie. All the characters from that movie, including some I'm sure died in it, come back to play themselves. They head to a showing off the film at a theater with some of their fans on hand.

When the director opens things up for questions, they learn that the theater where they're screening at is supposedly haunted. There's something about how a woman died in labor and her baby ended up being crazy or something like that. The point is that the family supposedly fed the baby humans to fulfill its cravings for flesh. No one really believes the stories, so you can guess what happens next. People start dying.

Ouija Resurrection is such a confusing movie because there is so much going on. There are a few scenes with actual ghosts running around and attacking people, but there there are scenes that indicate the stories told about the theater are true and that there really is some flesh eating chick hanging out in the basement. Ah, fuck it. There really is a demented crazy lady living in the basement who eats people and her family really does keep her chained up down there and feed her people.

The characters are kind of iffy too. Eric Window, who apparently played Calvin in the first movie, keeps popping up to give his catchphrase from that movie, which is something like, “C to the A to the L to the VIN,” which continues being annoying long after the first time you hear it. I did get a kick out of Swisyzinna, who plays herself. She comes across as the stereotypical African American chick from a horror movie, but she plays it like she knows she's exactly that character. There's one point where she even references it and mentions how it's always the black girl who goes first.

It's also funny the way they set up the Q&A for the movie. Though there's quite a few people on hand, there are literally only two or three people who bother to ask questions. Then there's a subplot about how some favorite fans get the chance to go backstage and meet the actors. This is really just a setup for them to show one of our actors dead with them all thinking it's part of the show they created for them. Oh, and did I mention that there's the stereotypical goth girl with long black hair who keeps feeling things? Yeah, it winds up being way too many things crammed into one movie.

Once I watch The Ouija Experiment, more of this movie might make sense to me, but right now I have to give a thumbs down to everything about The Ouija Experiment except for Swisyzinna, who I totally want to hang out with in real life!

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