Monday, February 22, 2016

Kristy Movie Review – Not At All Like My College

Runtime: 86 minutes
Release Date: August 12, 2014
Rating: NR
Director: Oliver Blackburn

Kristy opens with a young coed running for her life with ill fated results. It then jumps right to the main story, which surrounds Justine. Justine looks forward to spending the Thanksgiving break staying on campus alone with just her best friend, though she will miss her boyfriend who plans on going home. At the last minute, her rich best friend has to leave campus but leaves behind her car.

Though she actually likes being the only one there – barring the front desk security guard and the guy working the gate – she wants a little break and heads into town for some ice cream. There, she sees a woman with her head covered trying to steal from the convenience store. The woman, Violet, acts a little weird around her and even follows her outside. While driving back to campus, a car starts following her and tries to run her off the road. She gets away and warns the gatekeeper of what happened.

While Justine thinks it was just some townies having a little fun, it quickly becomes clear that they have other ideas in mind. They arrive on campus and begin stalking her while dispatching anyone who gets in their way. With each murder they commit, they post a video online to a strange website. To make matters even worse, her stalkers refer to her as Kristy, the same name they gave all their previous victims, as they attempt to take her life.

Given just how little I knew about Kristy, I'm surprised at how much I liked it. I literally knew nothing except the short synopsis posted on Netflix. I am so tired of horror movies that start out slow and keep slowly building towards the plot. Kristy starts off with a murder scene and then keeps the action and suspense going. We really only have to deal with a few scenes at the beginning that set up the rest of the movie, including a scene with her boyfriend, one with her roommate, and another with the head security guy.

It has a lot of suspenseful moments too. At one point, she comes back to her dorm room and finds the door just slightly open, which leaves you wondering what she'll find when she opens the door. There are other scenes of Justine hiding under tables or behind doors that will leave you on the edge of your seat and just waiting to find out what happens next.

Ashley Greene, who I usually dislike, does a pretty good job as Violet too. She's so creepy in her very first scene that you might wonder why Justine didn't keep peeking over her shoulder the whole time she was in the store. Haley Bennett as Justine was amazing too. She actually makes your care about what happens to her character and will make you want to root for her.

I will say, however, that the premise of the movie was a little ridiculous. This is a major college campus and only one student stays there for Thanksgiving? I went to a relatively small school and probably half my dorm stayed on campus. It's hard to believe that only one person would stay there and that the school would still pay for security guards to work. I can overlook that minor complaint though because I really enjoyed Kristy.

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