Sunday, October 2, 2016

Last Man Standing Season 1, Episode 4: Last Halloween Standing

I thought I would try something new this year and recap/review some of the television shows that I watch that have a horror theme or a special Halloween episode. Since I'm currently working my way through Last Man Standing for the second time, I just finished watching its very first Halloween episode. If you never saw the show before, Tim Allen plays an extremely conservative republican who lives with his wife and three daughters in Denver.

Kristin, Mike's (Tim Allen) oldest daughter, got pregnant in high school and raised her son Boyd at home with her parents after his dad left town. His youngest daughter Eve recently decided that she's too old for Halloween because a boy she has a crush on thinks the holiday is immature. Though Kristin doesn't want her son going out because he's too young and because she has to work, Mike takes him out anyway. He accidentally mistakes another kid for Boyd, and another family takes Boyd home. Kristin gets home, discovers the problem, breaks down, and finally confesses that she just wanted to take him out herself. Problem gets solved when Mike encourages her to take her son out anyway.

Top Moments!

Vanessa, Mike's wife, dresses up like a sexy pirate in a costume so inappropriate that when she bends over, you can see her underwear. Naturally, her girls are completely grossed out. A neighbor brings his kid over for trick or treating, sees her, and becomes obsessed because she looks so great. He keeps showing up and talking to her with stars in his eyes. When he comes by in the middle of the night, he finds her with ratty hair and in her pajamas, realizes that she doesn't always look like a sexy pirate, and sheepishly says he'll see her next year before leaving.

Mandy, the vapid middle daughter, wants to dress up like a sexy cat and asks Mike to pick up her costume for her. Mike describes it as a furry bikini with ears and puts his foot down. Since she wants to dress up like a cat, he rents the biggest Garfield costume he can find for her to wear all night. Though it's one of the cutest costumes I've ever seen, it makes me sad that she doesn't really know who Garfield is. When did they stop showing his Halloween special on television?

While trick or treating with Boyd, Mike runs across Ed, his boss at Outdoor Man, which is pretty much a rebranded Bass Pro Shop. Ed introduces him to his close friend who turns out to be Elvira. I cannot believe how great that woman looks! Not just for her age but for any age. She has a few one liners that will make you laugh, though she's really only in the episode for a short bit.

If you do want to give Last Man Standing a try, I highly recommend the first season. They brought in a new actress to play Kristin in the second season and completely changed the character. In the very first episode of the second season, she becomes this complete and total liberal that is a stereotype of what a liberal is. If there is anything you can think of that describes a hipster vegan, it's her. They also bring back her former boyfriend and make the two incredibly annoying to the point where I roll my eyes every time I see them because I know it's going to be bad. While Mike is a stereotypical conservative, he's somehow not nearly as bad as those two, and this comes from someone who is liberal! Still, the show's first Halloween episode was pretty good.

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