Monday, December 24, 2012

Movie Review: “The Raven”

Runtime: 110 minutes
Rating: R
Director: James McTeigue
Release Date: April 27, 2012

Baltimore, Maryland police officers are on hand when the body of a dead woman turns up in her apartment. After some investigation, they discover that the murder is similar to one from an Edgar Allan Poe story. Poe (John Cusack) falls in love with a beautiful young woman, but her father forbids her from seeing him. When he goes to talk to the father, the man suggests that he offer his services helping the police investigate a series of murders that seem to draw inspiration from his stories.

Fantastic set dressings? Check. Killer costumes? Check. Amazing performances from top-notch actors? Check. With all those things going for it, “The Raven” had the chance to be a strong film, unfortunately it just didn't deliver. As a Cusack fan, I've had the opportunity to sit through some terrible shlock over the years, and I hate to say it but this one will probably make the short list of my least favorite films.

There's something missing from the movie that I just can't put my finger on. I watched it with several people, and they all enjoyed it but I found my mind wandering. This is one of those films that I ended up watching while flipping through a magazine because I couldn't get into the story. It kind of seems like one of those movies that you have to be in the right mood for, and I'm not sure that I'll ever be in the right one.

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