Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hellgate Movie Review – Also Known As Shadows

Runtime: 93 minutes
Release Date: November 5, 2011
Rating: NR
Director: John Penney

"Hellgate" will probably be my shortest review ever because I really, really disliked this film. Cary Elwes ("Saw") plays a man who moves to Thailand for work and marries a local woman. While the two are out with their child, they are involved in a car accident. After recovering, Jeff meets Warren (William Hurt), who tells him more about the shadow world.

It's basically the world that exists between life and death. Warren actually lost his own daughter, and he uses a special method to visit the shadow world and talk to her. Jeff begs him to teach him how to talk to his own lost loved ones, which is the premise of the movie.

See how that plot synopsis was so short? Yeah, that's because I had no clue what was happening in this film. I watched it with two other people, and one of them finally looked at me halfway through and asked if I could explain it to him. Neither of us had any idea what was happening.

I actually talked about horror movies with my sister-in-law, mentioned this film, and she was basically like, "oh yeah, me and your brother tried to watch that the other night and we gave up." She even pulled a little face when she realized it was the same movie. "Hellgate" is probably the one film that taught me not to grab a horror movie just because I love the lead actor.

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