Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Deep Into the Darkness – There's Something Weird in Those Hills

Runtime: 100 minutes
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Rating: NR
Director: Colin Theys

Michael Cayle is a doctor who makes the mistake of buying a home and a medical practice in a small town. The widow of the old doctor sells the property to him and makes a cryptic comment about how she'll still be around because she can't imagine ever leaving. He later shows up with his young daughter and his wife Cristine. They soon meet their new neighbor Phil and his grandson, who he and his wife took in after their daughter died.

While enjoying lunch with their neighbors, Phil tells Michael how to get to the bathroom, but the directions instead send him into a private bedroom. Phil's wife has what looks like claw marks on her face and tells him that he cannot help her. His wife tries to calm him down by encouraging him to open up his new practice and focus more on their future than a single person. Phil also recommends that they come to a special event at the church. They meet a woman related to the founders of the town who almost instantly takes a shine to his wife and integrates her into the church's club for women.

On the same day that he opens his office, he meets a young woman who makes it clear that she wants more from him than just a physical exam. The women tells him that he can help protect her before running away, but he finds himself dreaming about having sex with her. Phil then comes by for a visit and takes him on a walk through the woods. When they reach an odd pasture in the woods, Phil tells him that he it's the place for the town's ritual sacrifices.

See, years ago, back when the town was first founded, there were a group of ancient people living in the woods. The white settlers made an agreement to provide that race with ritualistic sacrifices on a regular basis in exchange for the people leaving the town alone. Those who refuse to follow the practice wind up dead, including the former doctor. Though Michael refuses to believe him at first, when those people suddenly show up at his doorstep and need help delivering a baby, he learns that those who move in this small town never move out.

Deep in the Darkness really wasn't a terrible movie. Sean Patrick Thomas does an admirable job as a city doctor moving to a small town to keep his family safe only to find an even greater threat nearby. Though I do question why he has random vials of mass viruses like ebola and the plague sent to his office. He even manages to do a better job than you might expect when those ancient people show up and drag him off. I can't imagine many actors who could make you believe that he was actually willing to help a bunch of crazy people to save his family.

It was actually a lot better than I expected from a movie made by Chiller. It's kind of hard to explain, but the people living in the woods don't speak English and will do whatever it takes to ensure that no one ever leaves town. They actually leave a man his wife's eyeballs, which they rip from her head, on his bed before murdering her to ensure that he'll do what they want. It was a lot more gruesome than I anticipated.

Netflix recently added Deep in the Darkness, and I recommend giving it a chance. I can't wait to read the book the movie was based on!

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