Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mine Games – Don't Go in Abandoned Mines!

Runtime: 92 minutes
Release Date: September 16, 2014
Rating: ?
Director: Richard Gray

Michael, his girlfriend Lyla, and five of their friends head off for a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods that a friend owns. While on the way there, someone rushes out of the woods, and while they avoid hitting the person, they can't find the individual and learn that the van is broken. After a long walk, they finally find the cabin and discover a note inside addressed to half the group to wait there.

Lyla is worried about Michael because he takes anti-psychotic meds and left his pills in the van. He goes to bed early with a promise that he'll pick them up the next day. While the rest of the group parties, the two friends they planned to meet there find themselves attacked by an unknown person and brutally murdered. TJ, one of the group, grabs the whole gang the next morning and takes them out to an abandoned mine he found earlier. He and Guy, original name by the way, think it's funny to lock Michael in one of the rooms, but he freaks out so much that they let him go.

The rest of the group includes Rose, who believes that she has psychic abilities, Lex, and his girlfriend Claire. TJ and Lex head back into the mine and find a dead body that looks just like TJ before finding one that looks like Lex. They later find a woman trapped in a room within the mine who looks exactly like Claire. The girl cries, screams, and begs them to help her before claiming that Michael locked her in there. TJ, who made the mistake of giving Rose hallucinogenic mushrooms, seems fairly calm about everything, but Rose suddenly starts seeing visions of her friends dead. The longer they stay in the cabin, the more it becomes clear that they aren't just imaging things and that someone or something wants them all dead.

Mine Games was a pretty entertaining movie. Though I didn't read any reviews, I did notice its low rating on Netflix and then later read some horrible reviews. I actually thought it was pretty damn interesting and entertaining enough that I dropped my phone to focus on the action. A lot of the negative reviews pointed out that its plot was too similar to other movies, seriously? By that assessment, everyone should hate Annabelle because we already have movies about haunted dolls.

One of the top moments occurs when TJ and Lex stumble across the dead bodies in the mine. The looks on their faces actually makes you believe that they just found themselves dead. I also give props to the actress who plays Claire. When they discover her trapped in a random room in the mine, you really will believe that she's been stuck in there for hours and that she really thought she might die.

I highly recommend that you watch Mine Games without reading any spoilers or even its Wikipedia page. Many reviews give away the ending of the movie and even list the movie in a way that tells you what happens at the end. I recommend that you just watch the movie and try to figure out the ending all on your own.

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