Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Milo" Movie Review: The Reason Why I Hate Yellow Slickers

Runtime: 91 minutes
Release Date: October 6, 1998
Rating: R
Director: Pascal Franchot

Claire, Abigail, and two of their friends are young girls who witness a brutal murder. While playing a game, they see a slightly older boy named Milo kill one of their classmates. Years pass and most of the girls get over what they saw. When one of the women begins working as a schoolteacher, she's mysteriously killed and Claire (Jennifer Jostyn, "House of 1,000 Corpses") decides to move back to her former hometown and take over her job at the school. Unfortunately for Claire, Milo is still out there and he wants his revenge. When she starts seeing a little boy in a yellow slicker in town, she knows that something is wrong.

When I was a teenager, my brother and I would often rent a bunch of horror movies and watch them together. I'm pretty sure we either rented this one from Kroger, back when it had a rental place, or Blockbuster, back when Dayton actually had Blockbuster stores. It was one of those horror movies that I remembered fondly because we would sometimes joke around when we saw a kid wearing a yellow slicker. I didn't realize how much that image stuck with me until I was out shopping a few weeks ago and saw a kid wearing one of these jackets. The first thing I said was, "hey look! It's Milo," which led to strange looks from my friends.

"Milo" doesn't hold up as well as some of the other bad/cheesy 1990's horror movies. I watched it one night by myself, and I found myself staring off into space or focusing on something else instead of actually watching the movie. Granted the love that I once had for the movie, it was a little sad.

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