Monday, April 8, 2013

"Seeds of Destruction" Movie Review – The Terror Beneath

Runtime: 90 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Release Date: October 8, 2011
Director: Paul Ziller

Kate and Joe (Jesse Moss, "Final Destination 3") are the type of people who I love to hate. They decide to film some people meeting in a mining area, thinking that they're about to drop off toxic waste. Instead, the people actually meet to exchange an odd vine. One of the men removes a leaf from the vine, cuts his hand, places the leaf on top, and it heals him in seconds. When they notice the two watching, all hell breaks loose. While running away, one of the men drops the vial containing a seed, and the seed immediately plants itself in the ground, turning into a huge underground vine that attacks and kills anyone in its path.

"Seeds of Destruction" is the type of film that annoys me because it actually feels like multiple stories wrapped up into one film. There is the first half, which focuses on Kate and Joe trying to escape and hopefully save the world, and then there is the rest of the film. We meet Jocelyn, a sexy scientist who once worked with a famous professor, trying to find ancient plants. When he found something, told her it was nothing, and the immediately fired her, she didn't stop to wonder if there was something else going on. We also meet Jack, the stereotypical alpha male, who thinks he knows everything.

It turns out that the professor she once worked with wanted to create his own Garden of Eden, and he made that happen by tracking down a bunch of ancient plants. The vine is part of that plant system he wants, and it slowly takes over the world.

I try to find a few good moments, but "Seeds of Destruction" didn't have many of those. One of the more interesting scenes that actually has some humor comes when Joe and Kate decide to enlist the help of an older hippie pothead. He manages to help, but the plant comes towards them. They run to his truck, only to have him turn around and run back to his house to save his cat. That one scene was cute and even a little funny, but the rest of the film was just a bad creature feature.

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