Monday, February 25, 2013

247°F Movie Review – I Guess We're Gonna Party Like a Bunch of Pagens Tonight.

Jenna (Taylor Scout-Compton, "Halloween") was in a bad car accident that caused the death of her boyfriend. A few years later, her friends decide that since she's still in mourning, the best thing to do is take her to a massive rave-type party and stay at one of the guy's uncles house in the middle of nowhere. Her group includes Renee, her boyfriend Michael, and their mutual friend Ian (Travis Van Winkle, "Friday the 13th").

Before heading out to the party, they decide to jump into the sauna. After smoking a little marijuana, Michael tries to get Renee to do a few dirty things (cue the porn music), but she isn't comfortable fooling around in front of their friends. Angry, he decides to jump out and winds up falling asleep/passing out. He doesn't realize that something fell over and blocked the exit. Renee realizes it when she tries to walk out. Thinking that it's just a prank, they stay in the sauna until the temperatures start climbing and they realize that they might not make it out alive.

It takes a lot of talent to keep a film focused on a confined space. Unfortunately, "247°F" is definitely missing that. I can't blame Van Winkle because he does a good job of playing the dickish rich guy. I'm pretty sure that I’ve never seen him playing the nice guy or the straight guy before. In this one, he actually does some nice stuff, mainly in the hopes of getting the girls out of the sauna. Since it isn't him, I guess I'll have to blame the other two girls.

Look, I never liked Scout-Compton before. I still wince every time that I think about the "Halloween" remakes, especially the second one, which I sadly let someone drag me to see in the theater. There's something about her voice or her movements that I don't like, and honestly, if I knew that she was in this one, there's a good chance that I would have skipped it. Instead, I saw the box, thought it sounded interesting, and there you go.

There was nothing about "247°F" that really appealed to me. I actually took a bathroom break, which turned into a feed the cats, put some dishes on to soak break, and I skipped fifteen minutes of the movie. My friend asked if I wanted him to pause it, but I declined because I really didn't care much for the film. I may give it another shot later on, but the first viewing didn't do a lot for me.

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