Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eerie, Indiana Season 1, Episode 1: Foreverware - Thirty Years in the Seventh Grade, Now That's Scary.

Why don't we bring a little bit of nostalgia to the blog with a review of the first episode of "Eerie, Indiana." I was ten or eleven when the show started, and thanks to Netflix, I had the chance to get a little nostalgic recently.

Here's a little bit of trivia for you. Joe Dante, he of "The Howling" and the phenomenal "Amazing Stories" directed both episode one (Foreverware) and episode two (The Retainer). Now, on with the review.

Marshall and his family just moved to the spooky town of Erie, Indiana where it seems like something out of the ordinary happens every day. When his mom (looking eerily like she does as the mom on "Dawson's Creek") decides to place an order with the local "Foreverware" sales lady, he just knows that something is wrong. After flipping through some old yearbooks, he finds pictures of two twin boys from 1964, who oddly enough look just like the sons of the sales lady.

While this might send most of us off to ponder why we wasted so much time looking at old yearbooks, Marshall decides to confront the boys. After learning that their mother keeps them locked in Foreverware plastic containers to preserve them, and that she started doing this after their dad died years ago, they beg him to help them escape.

Marshall sneaks into their house later that night, and he pops the seal on their containers. They thank him multiple times before he sneaks back home and goes to sleep. The next day, his mom wonders what she was thinking when she decided to buy a starter kit, and when she decides to go over and cancel her order, Marshall tags along.

They find two twin men standing outside, hammering a for sale sign into the ground. They tell Marshall's mom that twins run in the family, and they give her back her paperwork so she doesn't have to sell the plastic crap. They let her know that the woman of the house had to leave because of a family emergency, but the episode ends with an older woman who suspiciously looks like their own mother yelling down from the window.

What can you say about a television series that shows a woman climbing into a big ass plastic container and closing the lid as she listens to motivational tapes that encourage her to be a better salesperson? And yes, that is actually a scene from this episode. There's also a great moment where Marshall wonders what will happen to the boys now that they are free, and he wonders if they might look like two pieces of rotten beef.

"Eerie, Indiana" took me back to my younger years, and it was definitely a trip down memory lane. Needless to say, you'll see some more reviews/recaps of the show coming down the pipe.

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