Saturday, January 5, 2013

“Jersey Shore Shark Attack” Movie Review

Runtime: 87 minutes
Rating: R
Release Date: 2012
Director: John Shepphird

A group of men drilling off the coast accidentally release a swarm of sharks, which naturally head to the Jersey Shore. A stereotypical group of people, who look like they just stepped off the background of the television show of the same name, must naturally band together to save the day. That might be a little difficult given that no one in the group really seems to like each other. There's the couple who recently broke up but might still harbor some feelings for each other, the drunk friend who wants nothing more than to have a few (or more drinks) and start dancing, and naturally, the guy who thinks that he's better than everyone else. As an added bonus, there is even a little cameo from former boy band member Joey Fatone.

Who wouldn't like to see a movie where the cast of “Jersey Shore” winds up eaten by sharks? Unfortunately, that's not what this film is about. “Jersey Shore Shark Attack” plays like a film created when someone decided to make use of the sets and extras left over when MTV decided to end the television show. Everything feels slightly familiar, even for those of us who never watched the show, but in a completely cheap and cheesy way.

The one big highlight in the film is that cameo from Fatone, but if you watched the trailer, you already saw this moment. Fatone shows up to lead a party on the beach, but seconds after he steps in front of the microphone, a giant shark leaps out of the water and proceeds to swallow him whole. Ah, if only Justin Timberlake would reach the point in his career where he did films like this! Take my advice, skip “Jersey Shore Shark Attack,” and stick with one of the far better recent shark films like “Bait” or “The Reef.”

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