Friday, October 16, 2015

Killer Mermaid AKA Nymph

Runtime: 94 minutes
Release Date: August 24, 2014
Rating: R
Director: Milan Todorovic

Kelly is a journalist who is so busy that she never takes time for herself until her best friend and former college roommate Lucy convinces her to take a vacation. They had to a tiny Mediterranean island to meet Niko, who was Lucy's big love in college and Kelly's best friend. Not long after arriving, they find that Niko now has a girlfriend. After an awkward night of them all dancing together, Niko gets Lucy alone and has sex with her before basically pretending that it never happened.

That same day, they decide to take a boat trip together and get a little too close to an island that no one really talks about. They also meet one of Niko's friends, who clearly has the hots for Kelly but may want Lucy too. Frankly, the backstory isn't that interesting once you get past Lucy and Niko. Let's just say that a killer mermaid starts attacking and killing people. Except that I can't really say that because she's not a killer mermaid.

See, the killer mermaid in this story is actually a siren. She lures men, and sometimes women, in with the sound of her beautiful singing. It's not until they get up close to her that they realize she's actually some ugly monster that kind of looks like seal or maybe a walrus. We keep hearing over and over again that she's a mermaid when she's not a mermaid. It makes sense that other countries called this Nymph, but whoever decided to name it Killer Mermaid here just wanted to lure people in with the title. It bothered me, but man, did it ever bother my roommate. If you bring up this movie or he even sees it, he'll instantly tell you that she wasn't a mermaid.

With a name like Killer Mermaid, you might expect this to be one long movie filled with scenes of a mermaid swimming through the water and attacking people. You would be wrong. There are a few death scenes, but a lot of the action takes place off screen. We might get to a good point, only to have the movie jump back to one of the other characters hearing someone scream.

The best part about the movie was actually the two lead actresses. The woman playing Lucy did a good job with her limited role. She was basically there to be Kelly's best friend and mope over Niko, but she did much better than you might expect. I also liked the actress playing Kelly and the actor playing Niko. He came across as the perfect slimeball who had no problem cheating on his finance with another woman and then acting like he did nothing wrong.

While the acting was pretty much on point, Killer Mermaid didn't have a whole lot else going for it.

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