Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thoughts and Observations on Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 5 Pumpkin Patch

*The Red Devil is apparently not so secretly in love with Zayday given that after he kidnaps her, he lets her out of his secret dungeon just to treat her to dinner that he made just for her. That makes me doubt my Dean Jamie Lee theory...

*Denise also got her a little something something in the form of the not at all hot Chad. While the dean thinks he's a bumbling moron, Denise claims that he was among the best lovers she ever had. Gotta say that I lean more towards the dean's opinions on this one.

*Chad calling out the newest Chanel for having nice boobs in front of the original Chanel was one of the highlights of the episode.

*I'm already getting tired of Gigi and Wes. While I love me some Oliver Hudson, her character is really starting to grate on my last nerve. How can someone be so funny in real life but so annoying on television?

*I change my mind. The best moment of the film might be when Hester and Chanel #5 tell Jennifer that Chanel lights candles only once and hides them in her closet. That scream and look on her face made the episode worthwhile.

*So Gigi is secretly working with the Red Devil? Eh, it doesn't really surprise me. For someone who loves the Kappa girls so much, she sure seems to hate them and not be interested in helping them in anyway.

*Chanel demanding that her decorator create a perfect replica of the hedge maze from The Shining only proves that she watched the movie and had no clue it was ever a book. There is no hedge maze in the movie, and what happens in the book is somehow even creepier.

*How can you not love the look on the dean's face when she finds out that Gigi and Wes are now officially a couple? Then again, I think I would much rather see Curtis and Hudson steam up the screen.

*Chanel #5 is really starting to get on my nerves! I wish she would grow up or at least grow a back bone. Note to the poor girl, feeding neighborhood kids cookies laced with toenails will do nothing to stop Chanel.

*Forced to choose between frat bros Roger and Dodger while stuck in the hedge maze with the Red Devil on their tails was the least interesting Chanel #5 moment of the episode. I understand that the writer wanted the scene to come across as funny, but it just made me roll my eyes.

*I still want to know how the hell Zayday even has a shot at becoming president. What sorority lets a pledge run for office?

*My Jamie Less theory is now officially falling apart. As much as I want her to don the red mask and go on a killing spree, it looks like that won't happen. I am starting to wonder if Zayday is part of the conspiracy though...

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