Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scream Queens Episode 2 – Hell Week

Instead of doing a bigger recap like I did for the last episode, which you can easily find online, I think I'll just hit some of the main points this time.

Everyone but Grace, who is still out with Pete, gets buried up to their necks in the lawn of the sorority house. Red Devil comes out of nowhere on a lawn mower and immediately strikes down Deaf Taylor Swift, who as she's deaf, doesn't even know what's coming to the very end.

Niecy Nash as Denise Hemphill steals the show. While she can't carry a gun as a security guard, she can carry a phone and contact the police who will bring guns. When the girls go after the killer, she's the only one smart enough to call them dumb and then run for the door. Sadly, she doesn't find her dead friend in her security guard, but in a hilarious twist, she shoves the woman out of the car while driving off into the sunset.

Jamie Lee Curtis remembers when deans had more power. As she walks through the crowded crime scene, she sees kids taking pictures and posting them online and students trying to make the tragedy all about them. She also smokes pot and sleeps with Chad, which is something I could totally see her doing in real life.

Grace constantly denies there is anything going on between her and Pete, even after they kiss. Instead of getting her some like any red blooded college girl today would, she remains dedicated to the idea of finding the killer, which I highly doubt will happen anytime soon.

Pete tries a little too hard to get something going. When he strips in front of her and then stands in front of the door before lounging in bed half-naked, I had to cringe.

Jamie Lee hits on Wes who demands she get him a job on campus so he can look after his poor mother less daughter. He spends a little too much time hanging out in front of the sorority house too. Gigi eventually steals his heart after chatting with him and discovering they both have a love of 90s hair band power ballads.

Grace finds the bathtub the sorority sister drowned in just chilling in the basement. Chanel finds her and says they keep all their dirty little secrets down there and tells her the story. Grace decides that Pete must somehow be the baby. Despite having no proof, she also assumes he's the killer.

Pete steals information from the dean's office. Red Devil bops him over the head and leaves him tied up outside with a note to mind his own business. Eh, pretty lame for a killer.

Boone, Chad's best friend, wants to climb into bed with him because he's scared. Chad isn't too down with the idea since the last time it happened, Boone touched his penis. Seeing Nick Jonas climb into bed and spoon with another man while holding onto a stuffed frog might be the highlight of the episode. He also wants to join the sorority. The other girls hate the idea, but Chanel thinks it might work. I'm not sure any sorority would agree to having a male sister.

Boone gets attacked by Red Devil in his room. The brothers, who are supposedly massive homophobes, find his dead body and scream like little girls. Red Devil goes to the morgue, opens up the drawer, and stares down at his dead body. Boone suddenly sits up, peels off the fake slash across his throat, and says it took long enough. This is the worst morgue and medical examiner in history.

Best line of the night? Shandelle, why you got a knife in your throat?

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