Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 6 – Seven Minutes in Hell Thoughts and Observations

*While billed as the most kills in an episode up to date, did anyone really care about most of the deaths? Let's be honest, no one gives a damn that the other half of Roger/Dodger died or about the guy who lost his arms. Sadly though, I will miss Predatory Lez.

*Chanel and Chad are back together again, which makes me worry that we'll have to deal with more of their bull shit in the coming episodes. The interplay between them should be interesting and make us laugh, but honestly, I find myself cringing during most of their scenes.

*I kind of love the underground tunnels beneath the sorority house! Gotta love Chanel giving Zayday a history of the previous presidents and their contributions to the campus. Who knew a sorority president was responsible for spreading cocaine use on campus?

*I actually kind of liked Chanel in this episode. When she reveals that she threw a fake hissy fit after she and Zayday tied for president just because she wanted to look like the bigger person when she gave in, I actually laughed. I laughed even harder when she pointed out that this was all because she wanted the Red Devil to go after Zayday.

*Where did all the hats for Chanel #5 come from all of the sudden? It was clear that she was Chanel least favorite sister, but all the hate in this episode seemed to come out of nowhere.

*Neck Brace really needs to stop constantly hitting on Chad. It's actually a little creepy the way she throws herself at him all the time.

*The epic dance party moment during the slumber party made me both cringe and wince. The whole scene felt out of place. Did the director suddenly decide that he wanted to put one more classic song in the episode but wasn't sure how?

*Loved the interplay between Predatory Lez and Chanel #3. Who didn't love their bathroom moment when she finally revealed the story behind her earmuffs? And, who didn't love the scene where Chanel #3 thought PL would reveal that her deepest darkest secret was that she was in love with her but she actually told them about the Charles Manson connection?

*So, Predatory Lez knew who the killer was all along? That's what we got from her death scene when she said exactly that to the Red Devil. I guess she never heard about the whole sisterhood thing, though I do wonder if she ever told Chanel #3 her guess...

*If the Red Devil is obsessed with Zayday, why the hell did he try to kill her in this episode? Even if it's the “other” Red Devil, you would think the other guy wouldn't be too happy about his buddy killing his lady love.

*Ugh, the Gigi conspiracy continues. Is it bad that I really, really want her to be the next one to die?

*Wasn't it convenient that practically everyone who didn't show up in this episode showed up at the very end? I still have a wonky feeling about the dean, but now I may suspect Pete a little bit too...

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