Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scream Queens Episode 3 – Chainsaw

*I love Charisma Carpenter and think that she just gets pretty as she ages. She must be taking some of those secret Hollywood supplements that Jamie Lee takes. When I read she would be on an episode, I was pretty excited. I ended up being a little disappointed that her role as Chanel #2's mom was so short.

*Is anyone really surprised that Chad is a man whore? So he dated multiple girls in the same sorority. You know what that means? It means he's a typical frat boy, not a murderer!

*Best scene ever, and one they will have a hard time topping, is poor Coney, the new school mascot. The scene with the Red Devil cutting through his costume made me go from laughing to gasping when he actually go through and blood came pouring out.

*When the frat brothers came walking out in their finest white clothing, I kept waiting for Everybody by the Backstreet Boys to pop up. No one in the history of the world ever looked threatening or menacing while wearing a white newsboy hat.

*It's nice to know that Denise carries around luminol just on the off chance that she might need to identify blood. However, I did like her spin on why she pushed her friend from her car.

*Denise thinks the killer is Zeyday! I highly doubt that, but who knows? The way this show is going, I half expect the killer to be Jamie Lee and that she's somehow actually the baby from the first episode or the mother of the kid who impregnated the sorority girl. I know she can't literally be the baby, but she could be the mother of the father. Let's say she had a son and told no one, and her son then came to her for help because he knocked a girl up. That would explain her interest in the whole story. Then, let's say that he killed himself out of grief at losing his kid and his girlfriend. That would definitely explain why she hates the sorority so much. Plus, if she had one of those weird mother/son relationships, it might explain why she likes sleeping with college guys...

*Chanel #2 keeps posting on Instagram while dead, which everyone somehow buys, even though she's clearly dead or at least passed out in the pictures.

*Chanel #3 revealing that she's the love child of Charles Manson made me groan. Can't she just be some weird chick? She's also getting a little too close with Predatory Lez for someone who repeatedly says she isn't a lesbian.

*Wes shows his class the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They all groan and roll their eyes, which is proof that kids today have no taste in movies. Like we needed more proof after the whole Twilight crap fest.

*Second best moment? Jamie Lee and Gigi move into the sorority house, she warns her to stay away from her man Wes, and then plays the loudest white noise machine in the world complete with serial killer sounds.

I'm sticking with my theory that Dean Jamie Lee is behind this, or at least until she dies soon...

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